Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the country do BSB Piling and Underpinning Ltd cover?

BSB Piling and Underpinning Ltd is based in the South West of the UK, however, our teams travel anywhere in the UK. This is a regular occurrence due to our competitive pricing structures.


From your initial enquiry, we would send you a quotation based on the plans of the project that you are undertaking (this is a requirement as it is necessary to give you a comprehensive quote). We will then arrange a visit to your property/site.


Please find the areas we provide on the piling and underpinning services map

Do you do the excavations?

Yes, BSB can provide you with a complete ground works package including drainage, ground beams, spoil removal and block work up to damp proof coursing level.  We will also coordinate directly with your local building control/NHBC to obtain approvals if requested to do so.

What size trenches need to be dug out?

On average, ground beams for home extensions and average sized new build properties call for an excavation of 500mm deep and 450mm wide.

Is a site visit required?

Yes. It is necessary to conduct a site visit to ensure the ground conditions are correct, or to look at site access, for example.

Do you arrange for pile and/or ground beam calculations and design for submission to the building control?

Yes we have our own design capabilities and can normally provide a full set of calculations within 48hrs. We will then submit these to your local authority building control on your behalf.

Do you arrange for visits by the building inspector?

Yes, we will arrange all NHBC or Local Authority inspections required to check works carried out prior to pouring concrete.

Do you mark out the piles?

Yes, should a site set out be required, we can arrange for one of our in-house surveyors to carry this out at an extra charge.

How long is it before you can do the job?

We can accommodate a short lead in time if it is integral for your project. From placing your order we can design and begin work in as little as 5 days.

Does your quote include VAT?

Yes our quotes are subject to VAT. However, all new build properties are VAT free.

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